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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

No Surgery!! (Lots of TMI)

Warning this post will contain TMI so if you don't want to become so "up close & personal" with me then skip this blog.

Yesterday I just found out some great news, I don't have to have surgery!! Since few people outside of family even know what I'm talking about you may be like 'wait what, you needed surgery? When? Why? etc etc'. Well it wasn't something I wanted to talk about till I knew more so I've been keeping it to myself.

You see I have bad hemorrhoids, have for a few years now. But for the most part they would go away after awhile and all was good. But the past few months has been really bad, horribly painful bowel movements with so much blood that it looked like I was on my period, I'm serious I would have to put pads on afterwards so I wouldn't stain my underwear. So finally a few weeks ago I got over my 'I hate doctors' attitude and went and had them checked out.

My PCM wasn't in that day so I went to someone else and they basically looked at them and then gave me a number to call to set up an appointment for a consultation to have surgery to get them removed, that's it. So I've been in dread for a few weeks about the surgery and what could happen. No I'm not a overly paranoid person, just have had bad experience before with common routine procedures. When I was younger I had my tonsils removed and to make a long story short the night after the operation I coughed too hard or something, ripping my stitches out and almost bled to death. I had to have two blood transfusions and it was during this event that I developed my fear of needles. So for the past few weeks I've been replaying the few scenes I still have memory of in my mind, growing more and more terrified at what could go wrong.

I met with the proctologist yesterday and she asked me all kinds of questions like how long has it been going on for, what has been done in the past to try and treat it, etc. Finally she said that she needs to have a talk with the PCMs because there are many steps we can take first to treat this without surgery, that I shouldn't even be in her office yet that my doctor should have taken these other steps first. So she wants me to go on a high fiber diet for 12 weeks, to start taking Benefiber every day to see if that helps with my bowel movements. She did one rubber banding treatment (where they put a band around the hemorrhoids to cut off the blood flow to them) and I go back in 4 weeks to see how that did and do more banding if needed. She said that surgery isn't off the table but it is an absolute last resort and we will take all the steps to treat it first before we even consider that. She was a really great doctor, answering all my questions and putting my fears to ease. I know that if surgery becomes necessary down the road I'll be in good hands.

The banding is uncomfortable but not painful, just weird feeling. Last night I had my first bowel movement since the procedure and I was nervous as to how it would go. I felt one twinge which made my heart stop, but that was it and I was fine. So I gotta go to the store today to pick up some stuff I need and I have to start keeping a fiber diary to record what amounts I'm eating in a day.

Exercise hasn't really happened for a few weeks now because the hemorrhoids have been so painful I haven't wanted to move, but they are feeling better so I think I should be able to start back up tomorrow with no problem. The doctor said I shouldn't have any issues exercising with the banding so I'm grateful for that. I've missed exercising and have felt really lazy and lethargic these past few weeks.

I think one thing I'm most excited about is starting the job hunt back up cause I've put it on hold thinking I would be having surgery and then being laid up for 4-6 weeks(or so I read/heard), not the best time to get hired. I've also requested information on some school programs I've been looking at and can't wait to get them in the mail to learn more.

So that's what has been going on with me, haven't wanted to blog until I knew more and that turned out was a good idea cause I would have had people worrying about surgery for nothing. Hopefully the banding/high fiber diet works and I won't ever have to have surgery

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  1. Really glad they had some other things to try, Doctors like that are the best kinds to find. Good luck with the new diet and bandings hope it fixes things for you so you can return to a normal pain free life, but remember if down the road surgery does become nessacry that it will help you live a normal life so it is worth the trouble!