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Friday, January 20, 2012

You Got Mail

Yesterday I went to the gym with Charlie when he got off work. We did intervals on the bikes, peddling fast for 2 mins then taking a min break, did this for around 30 mins. My legs were jello afterwards, haven't ridden a bike since probably last June so different muscles were being used again.

Got our mail started back up again, when I put in the hold notice at the post office I couldn't remember which day we'd be back from vacation, so I just put the 20th cause I knew for certain we'd be here then. Normally we get very little mail so this is a lot for us lol, course most of it was junk or magazines lol.
Not sure if we're going to try to hit the gym when he gets off tonight or not, will depend on what time that ends up being since we'll be meeting friends at the VFW tonight. Under a winter weather advisory tonight so we could possible see some snow/ice when we head home. I hope not lol

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