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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Strike! Isn't that what it's called when you miss all the pins?

Friday Charlie and I did our hill sprints, he was very proud of how I did which is good cause I was dead lmao. Worst part is it was so windy and cold so when we'd take a quick rest between runs my sweat soaked shirt would freeze lol. No karaoke last night so we just hung out at home and watched some episodes of Bones on Netflix.

Today or I should say tonight Charlie and I went bowling on base. We had a blast, did it for just over an hour. Probably could have played longer but Charlie's fingers were starting to kill him (he bowls left handed and they only had right handed balls so after 5 rounds he was beginning to hurt, would soak his hand on his drink between rounds poor guy). I'm not a very good bowler, one of my "pride" moments was bowling at a friend's birthday party years ago, with bumpers I scored an 11, and yes I was trying lol. But hey her family loves me and now it's a great story to bring up. But I've started to improve some, my average score now is about a 60-65. Today I was super excited cause for the first time ever I beat Charlie!! It was the last game and he was dying but a win is a win!! I jumped around yelling, it was great!

No plans for tomorrow, laundry and relaxing

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  1. I am so proud of you! I will never forget that 11 :) I love you so much sis <3