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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Oh My Snow!

Friday Charlie and I went to the gym and ran on the treadmill. We couldn't get ones next to each other for him to train us so he just told me to do 20 mins of whatever. So I did a 5 min warmup followed by 20 mins of 2 min running - 1 min walking, it was good.

Then we went to the VFW to hang out with friends. We go almost every Friday and we always have a blast. I don't normally sing but Kat asked me to so I sang one song, but otherwise I enjoy watching everyone else get up there. Here's a picture taken from our table of Charlie singing
Kat dancing crazy lol
Here's Kacey singing her heart out

While we were there it started to snow!! I was not happy cause that meant I had to drive home in it, first time for me. I did fine, went about 8-10 under the speed limit but I didn't care I was going to be safe on those icy roads. Besides if anyone was upset all they needed to do was see the license plate: FLORIDA! lol Here's some snow pics
Leaving the VFW
Our other car when we got home
The yard
And Lucy having to go in it to go potty, she was not very happy about it, my poor Hawaii puppy

Today the snow/sleet had stopped but it was so cold the ice never melted from the night so the ground/car is still covered. Didn't do much today but hang out and relax. No plans for tomorrow either, guess we'll see if we do anything or not. Hopefully the sun warms up and this damn ice starts melting.

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