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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 64

I hate working out in cold weather


But now that I live in Virginia it's something I have to get used to and I must say it's hard. My body feels the cold air and immediately wants to just curl up under a blanket, I miss my Hawaii sun!! I'm going to die when it starts to snow lol

That's why I gotta force myself to get outside and run no matter what, cause whether I like it or not winter is coming at a very fast speed and I have no other option (I mean ya I have the gym but running on the treadmill is not the same as running outside).

Anyway that's all that's really new with me, it's cold and I hate it lol.

On a positive note I ran for 1 mile straight yesterday without stopping at a 13 min pace (and in the damn cold lol) so I'm very proud of that. I need to go shopping for winter workout clothes, tanks & shorts aren't going to cut it anymore lol

So my goal for November is to just keep on trucking and not let this cold weather get the best of me

37 days down, 63 days till Disney!

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