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Monday, July 18, 2011

Nothing Really New Here

Still no word about the job I applied for two weeks ago, so I'm going to head into the office in person later this week to "see if they need any of the paperwork in print" or in other words have them meet me in person so maybe they'll let me know a yah or a nah instead of this waiting stuff lol. Hey that's what I did when I applied to Publix and it got me the job so fingers crossed it will work again.

Otherwise things are good, working out & running which makes me feel great. Lost a few inches already and have put on some muscle so woohoo! Charlie is still working like crazy but that's nothing new(and won't change till sometime in August when he gets sent back to his real job). I'm looking forward to having him home on weekends again that's for sure.

Not much else new to say, the job market sucks so if you have a job be thankful lol.

Till next time! =)

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