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Sunday, June 5, 2011

First trip to DC

Charlie and I had a blast yesterday. We rented bicycles and rode all around seeing the sights. I have no idea how much we covered but I do know we probably wouldn't have seen as much if we would have been walking. Most of the pictures I posted to facebook but wanted to show some other pictures here.

In front of the Washington Monument, which really is the center of everything.

Looking toward the east of the monument you get the Capital Building

Toward the north is the White House

Look to the west you see the Lincoln Memorial (no picture of the south cause trees were in the way but that way is the Jefferson Memorial, didn't go there yet)

At the Lincoln Memorial

At the White House

At the Capital Building

We spent most of the day browsing the American History museum and riding around, since we live here now we can take our time with each place.

Wonderful day!

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