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Monday, March 21, 2011

Weight Goals -VS- Exercise Goals

One reason I think I keep having set backs in this whole exercise/get in shape/lose weight thing is I'm setting the wrong goals for my achievements. Let me try to explain

Whenever I set a goal for myself it normally always has something to do with weight, examples: lose X amount of pounds in two weeks, be at X weight by this date, etc etc etc. So then I exercise and make huge achievements there, feel the best I've ever felt, do things I've never done.... but when I step on the scale and I haven't made my weight goal for whatever reason(ex: gaining muscle weight & not losing enough fat weight to balance it out) I get frustrated and feel like just a failure, which discourages me and makes me want to give up.

So I've decided I need to relook at how I create goals, instead of weight goals I should start setting exercise goals. Because when I achieve those I know it'll make me feel great and push me to continue, and with them the pounds will start coming off on their own. I asked Charlie to help me here by helping me keep track of my weight, I want to keep track of my progress but I don't want to have it be such a heavy burden on my mind like it is. So Charlie is going to help me weigh in weekly(or whatever we come up with) and he'll keep track of the weight in his records somewhere and I won't know what it is(I don't know if we'll blindfold me when I get on the scale, make me look away so I can't see the numbers... IDK we'll figure it out when I get there). That way I can focus on my real goals of getting back in shape and being more active instead of having this tunnel vision that only sees the pounds.

Once I get to Virginia and see how things are going to be I'll be able to set these new exercise goals. I'm excited about this new take on goals that I'll be doing, I think in the end this could be the solution to some of my bigger problems.

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