"Be yourself. Above all, let who you are, what you are, what you believe, shine through every sentence you write, every piece you finish." - John Jakes

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012

As the minutes approach midnight and the year becomes anew I bid farewell to 2011

Many changes, many places

Good times, bad times... fun & sad

Overall you were good to me 2011

But 2012 is going to kick your ass......

Monday, November 14, 2011

Quitting my job, 100 day challenge, & Disney... Oh My!!

It seems like I have so much to say but yet it's really not that much at all.

First off the story of why I quit my job. I started writing this the other day but got distracted and never finished so that's why the first part of the story is in a different font.

I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Good or bad, things come along when they do to test you, to teach you, and to help you grow.

Yesterday I quit my job at Subway. Here's the whole story: Since the day I first started working there I heard stories of people not getting paid for the hours they worked. And I'm not just talking one person, I'm talking four different people told me that at some point or another their paychecks were short. Whenever we clock out at the end of our day the register prints out a time sheet, and I always keep mine. Every two weeks when I get my paystub I compare the hours on it to my sheets and then once I've confirmed it's all good I toss them.

In the beginning of October my parents were visiting so I was on vacation for a week, during that time my manager, who was fed up with the way she was being treated, quit. That left us with no one in charge so the district manager took over some of the duties such as payroll.

On the 21st of October I got my paycheck and after adding up my hours I realized I was shorted by 2 hours. Charlie was pissed, he told me to quit the job right then and there & that if they weren't going to give me what I was owed we would head to base legal and sue them for the money I was deserved(didn't want extra, just the money I earned). I told him that we had to give the manager the chance to fix it, can't just up and quit. So I went to work the next week and told the district manager that I was short on my check and that my husband wanted to sue but I was giving him the chance to fix it.

He immediately pulled me into the office to go over the payroll where even when he was trying to defend himself he found right where my hours had been shorted(again I'm only talking 2 hours here). He said he was sorry and that it would be fixed on my next check. I told him then and there that if it wasn't fixed I was quitting because I don't put up with being screwed around. He seemed taken aback that I would quit over 2 hours, to which I replied I would do it over $1.00 short, it's the principle of the matter. I worked that time and I earned that money.

Fast forward two weeks to November 4th. I didn't work till the closing shift that day so I calculated my time slips ahead of time knowing full well that if my check wasn't right I was done. I had worked 50.something hours that time period so my check should say 52.whatever hours earned if it was fixed. I opened my stub when I got there and it said 51 hours even. I was furious, most people know I almost never get mad but when I do you better watch out, and I was pissed. Of course he had already left for the day otherwise I would have walked out right then and there & made him close.

So I called him on his cellphone and told him my check was wrong. He told me to take $20.00 out of the register and we'd be good. That pissed me off even more, who does he think I am some hooker who he can payoff?!?!? I told him I don't want his damn money I just want the amount I was owed, not a penny more and not a penny less, and that I would take THAT from the register. I then told him that I would close that night because no one else was available and I wasn't going to screw over the other girl who was closing, but that afterwards I was done. He kept trying to say over $11&change and I said that I told him 2 weeks ago that if it wasn't right I was gone. If I were to stay then he'd know he could do that whenever he wanted but as long as he paid me cash later it would all be good. I don't work that way and I won't be treated that way. I'm one hell of a good employee, staying late or coming in earlier if needed, doing bank deposit drops, whatever; if he asked for a favor and I didn't have plans/some reason I couldn't do it then I did it. But I won't be treated like I'm nothing because I am something.

So that's the story with why I quit, I have one more paycheck for the 3 days I worked in that payperiod coming this Friday, and I'm going in there to get my stub and I'm checking my hours. All I can say is it better be right cause if not I'm going to the top and complaining about him and the way he does payroll, which will probably get him fired. I don't want to do that but if it happens again then that's 3 checks in a row that were wrong and something needs to be done. I told the other people there when I quit to make sure they keep their stubs and check their hours cause it wouldn't put it past me if they were screwed over too.

Second topic: 100 day challenge. Yesterday Charlie and I started a challenge to see who could lose 10% of their bodyfat first(or the most % lost in 100 days, whichever comes first). The winner gets $100 toward a tattoo and the loser has to decide dinner & do dishes for a month (have to make losing hurt after all). We decided to do bodyfat % instead of weight loss because I have so much more weight that I can lose then him so it wouldn't be fair, but we could both lose some fat %. If he lost 10% bodyfat it would put him around 10% total bodyfat so he really can't lose much more than that(I mean he can but that'd be a little crazy). It's a fun challenge and I look forward to giving him a run for his money.

Lastly, Disney!! The race is in 52 days and I'm getting really excited for it. I'll have no problem finishing it within the time limit so now I'm working on trying to improve my time. I must admit it's getting hard to stay motivated with this cold weather(all I want to do is bundle up with a book lol) but I know I have to stay focused and I'm doing pretty good so far. We'll see how my willpower holds when the snow starts to fall lol.

Well that's about all that's new with me right now, guess it was a lot more than I thought =)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 64

I hate working out in cold weather


But now that I live in Virginia it's something I have to get used to and I must say it's hard. My body feels the cold air and immediately wants to just curl up under a blanket, I miss my Hawaii sun!! I'm going to die when it starts to snow lol

That's why I gotta force myself to get outside and run no matter what, cause whether I like it or not winter is coming at a very fast speed and I have no other option (I mean ya I have the gym but running on the treadmill is not the same as running outside).

Anyway that's all that's really new with me, it's cold and I hate it lol.

On a positive note I ran for 1 mile straight yesterday without stopping at a 13 min pace (and in the damn cold lol) so I'm very proud of that. I need to go shopping for winter workout clothes, tanks & shorts aren't going to cut it anymore lol

So my goal for November is to just keep on trucking and not let this cold weather get the best of me

37 days down, 63 days till Disney!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Day 90

I know what you're thinking 'what happened to her, she said she'd be posting more??'

Well my parents were in town visiting and blogging got pushed to the back burner. "Official" exercise didn't happen as in running or weightlifting, but we did lots of walking around DC, museums, and the hubby & I walked the Virginia State Fair twice so I wasn't being lazy either.

But they're gone now so I'm getting back into my routines. Went running today, was going to go on the track but it's blocked off (they're fixing the stadium) so I went inside and ran on the treadmill instead. Did 1 mile in 16mins at a 1 incline with running for 1min at 4.5 and then walking for 1min at 3. Not bad

My workout routine doesn't include weekends right now so I won't be blogging again till at least Monday. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

11 days down, 89 days till Disney!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day 99

Went to the gym after work today, did some weightlifting. Going to mix my training up between running & weightlifting. I'm still thinking about joining Curves at some point but we'll see if that ever happens or not.

My parents get here in a few days, I'm so excited!! Yes I'm still planning on working out while they're here it just might not be as much. I'm taking some time off from work and Charlie is taking some leave so we can show them some of the sights.

Nothing else new since yesterday, daily blogs = shorter blogs lol

2 days down, 98 days till Disney!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Day 100

Let's see, what's new with me..... I've been working at my job for almost 2 months now and it's going really good. I'm much faster and I get pretty good hours so I'm happy about that. My shift varies from 7 or 8 in the morning to 1, 2, or 3 in the afternoon, and I always average at least 5 hours a day which equals to a 25 hour workweek (not bad).

One thing that hasn't been happening with me is working out. First I was so tired getting used to working and being on my feet that I didn't want to do anything. But I started to get used to that, however my feet continued to kill me. So I finally decided to just wear my workout shoes to work and it's made a huge difference in how my feet feel. Now at the end of the day my feet are tired, not screaming in agony. One of my paychecks coming up I'm going to buy another pair of these shoes so I can have separate work & workout shoes.

As I just said I haven't been working out, but that's going to change. You see a few months ago Charlie and I signed up for some races in Disney World in January. It's a whole weekend of races: Friday is a 5K, Saturday is a Half Marathon, and then Sunday the Disney Marathon. I'm only doing the 5k but Charlie is doing all three races!!!! I told him he was nuts lol. Doing the half & full is called the Goofy Marathon & a Half Challenge and that's why he's doing them both (he's doing the 5K to run with me, what a sweetie, still nuts but a sweetie lol)
Anyway you may have noticed my subject line 'Day 100,' that's because today is the 100th day till the race weekend. So it's time I get off my butt and get back into gear if I'm ever going to be ready for this race. I'm already starting off on a good foot, I changed into my workout clothes right after work today and went straight to the track where I ran/walked a mile in 17 mins in the rain (ran 2 laps and walked the other 2). So not bad considering it's now been almost 2 months since I've done any kind of workout.

I'm really excited for the race, it's going to be so much fun running through Disney (yes the races are run in the parks, in one of Charlie's races he'll be running right through Cinderella's castle, how cool!!). I'm thinking about wearing a costume and maybe I'll be able to convince Charlie to wear one with me (at least for the 5K). Won't say what I'm thinking yet cause it's going to have to take some planning, but if I can pull it off it's going to be awesome!! =))

Should be more blog posts now that I'm in training mode, can't guarantee daily ones but I'll update as often as I can.

1 day down, 99 to go!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

First few days of work

First a funny & actually kinda sad story from today and then about work.

Today Charlie had to turn his gear back into work and since it was the OSC graduation he had to go in early (OSC is basically bootcamp for Marine officer hopefuls, Charlie works there for right now). I got up to help him gather things together and was helping him carrying stuff to the car. So the setting is this: really early morning, Charlie in cammies, me carrying big bag..... looks like a deployment routine. And the sad thing is the animals recognize this, Lucy had such a heartbroken look on her face and while we tried to tell her it wasn't what she thought she didn't understand.

So after he left I went back to bed and Lucy & Courage were so mopey and needed, Lucy was even crying in her sleep. They really thought he wasn't coming back for awhile. So when Charlie got home both animals were so ecstatic to see him, wanting pets & lovings and just to be close to him. It's really funny that they reacted that way but also pretty sad that they recognized what a deployment leaving looks like, they sure have had their fair share of experiences.

As I said before I got a job at Subway. It's on the TBS side of base (basically where the Marine officers go after graduating OSC to learn to be officers) so it's only open Mon-Fri (which is great so I can have my weekends with the hubby). Anyway Thursday was my first day, it was a pretty slow day (guess most of the units were in the field doing training) so it was a good day to learn everything. Friday however was a normal day and boy were we slammed! I'm currently working afternoons (another awesome thing, hope it stays that way *crosses fingers*) so I'm there during the lunch rush and boy what a rush it was. The register said we had something like over 200 people in 1 hour, lines almost out the door! We even ran out of bread and only had flatbread to use while the new stuff was cooking, we ran out of cookies and some toppings, it was nuts!

For most of the rush I got to be on register which I love cause I was a cashier at Publix for 3 years and it came back like nothing. Still learning where all the sub buttons are but I think I did a pretty good job. Also got to make some sandwiches and I'm still learning what to put on each type so I know I'll get faster. One thing I need a lot of work on is closing the sub after all the stuff is on it (cause these Marines sure love their toppings lol) it'd be so full stuff would be coming out all over the place while I tried to cut the subs, that is something I need work on lol. Worked an extra hour on Friday cause we were so busy, but hey that means extra money.

I'm really liking it so far, it's been a lot of fun and feels good to be working again. Been a bit tired after work but the main thing is my feet kill me, not used to standing on them for so long anymore. But I know that I'll get used to it again soon. Working out hasn't really happened much cause I've been tired & sore but again once I get better adjusted to work then I'll be able to get back into my normal workout routine. Work all next week 9-2 (again love that schedule, hope it stays) and I'm ready for it. I can say I'm glad I started on Thursday cause it gave me a break right away to get adjusted again instead of just jumping right into a 5 day workweek (I'd probably be dead if that would have happened lol).

That's about all that's new with me right now, seems like so much going on but again once I get into a routine it'll be easier and more "normal" lol.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Got a job!

So excited to say that I finally got a job!!

It's at Subway, not the place I was originally hoping for but beggars can't be choosers, the other place never contacted me back and at least I finally have something!

Haven't had a job in 4 years so this should be interesting getting back into the swing of things. I'm just excited to finally have something to do besides sit at home with the "kids" all day. While I love them I'm ready for some human interaction again lol. Plus the extra paycheck will help with the bills so it's a win win situation here.

As soon as the new uniform shirts get in I'll get a schedule, can't wait =)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Nothing Really New Here

Still no word about the job I applied for two weeks ago, so I'm going to head into the office in person later this week to "see if they need any of the paperwork in print" or in other words have them meet me in person so maybe they'll let me know a yah or a nah instead of this waiting stuff lol. Hey that's what I did when I applied to Publix and it got me the job so fingers crossed it will work again.

Otherwise things are good, working out & running which makes me feel great. Lost a few inches already and have put on some muscle so woohoo! Charlie is still working like crazy but that's nothing new(and won't change till sometime in August when he gets sent back to his real job). I'm looking forward to having him home on weekends again that's for sure.

Not much else new to say, the job market sucks so if you have a job be thankful lol.

Till next time! =)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Holy Crap It's July!

It's July, no seriously I know it's seems impossible but it's true.

I can't believe 2011 is already half over, where the heck is the time going???

Not too much new going on with me, on week 3 of my new workout and it's going really good. First 2 weeks were just weight lifting but this week is where I start adding some running back in so I'm excited for that. Tomorrow is my first day of running in....... well my last race was September last year and I ran a little bit in between but not really much.... so in a long ass time lol; I'm probably going to die =P

Charlie works all the time but every now and then he'll get Sunday off which is nice, but I'm really not complaining cause at least he's not deployed and won't be deployed again for awhile.

I've applied to about 10 different places so far and no dice, but the job market sucks today so I'm not surprised(nor am I giving up hope). I applied for a job the other day I'd really like to get so I'm crossing my fingers(and having everyone else cross their fingers too).

Everyone I know seems to be having a baby right now, something must be in the air lol. Don't get me wrong I'm happy for everyone because it's something they want and are excited about, but I hate it when so many people are pregnant because it becomes a main topic and then everyone gets back into asking when's it going to be our turn. No one seems to grasp the idea that we don't want any kids, ever. I tell people that and the response is normally something along the lines of 'oh you'll change your mind later' or 'give it a few years you're still young.' So I roll my eyes and say ya sure, cause there is no point in arguing, it's like beating a dead horse.

The fact is something huge would have to happen to change our minds(like invasion of the body snatchers lol) and I doubt anything in the next few years is going to. I just wish people would accept that we don't want to be parents and move on. I feel the worst for my mom cause she has so much hope in grand-babies and even though I tell her not to bank on it I know she does, and I know she's going to be crushed the day Charlie gets fixed. The way I think of it is accept/believe the worst(no grand-babies) and then if it happens be excited, not have all the hopes on it happening and then have them dashed.

Not sure when I'm going to get the chance to head home again, if I get a job it'll probably be awhile. I seriously doubt we'll be home for Christmas but never say never. I do know we'll be in Orlando in January(we have a race) but I'm not sure how much time we're going to plan on taking so we may not be home for more than a day or so.

Well that's about it, like I said not too much new with me.

Happy Birthday America!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

I confess: I'm still addicted...

... to the scale.

I used to be really bad, back in Hawaii I'd weigh myself 3 or 4 times a day. And of course I was only doing it to torture myself.

So when we moved here and I unpacked the scale I put it straight into the attic, out of sight out of mind. And while I had some urges every now & then in the beginning I soon got over it and it didn't even cross my mind.

Till last week when I had to get it out so I could have a starting weight with my new workout routine. I was pleasantly surprised to see that since I last weighed myself at my parent's house in March I had lost 15 pounds. After I copied down my weight I knew I should put the scale back in the attic but figured I could handle it being out...

Boy was I wrong. I've been so tempted to step on the scale these past few days, walking around it thinking 'oh it couldn't hurt if I did it just this once' and then backing away when I knew that wasn't true.

So today I did what needed to be done and put the scale back in the attic. I won't get it back out but for my monthly weigh ins, and then it'll go right back upstairs.

I thought I was all better but I was wrong, I'm still addicted to the scale.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

First trip to DC

Charlie and I had a blast yesterday. We rented bicycles and rode all around seeing the sights. I have no idea how much we covered but I do know we probably wouldn't have seen as much if we would have been walking. Most of the pictures I posted to facebook but wanted to show some other pictures here.

In front of the Washington Monument, which really is the center of everything.

Looking toward the east of the monument you get the Capital Building

Toward the north is the White House

Look to the west you see the Lincoln Memorial (no picture of the south cause trees were in the way but that way is the Jefferson Memorial, didn't go there yet)

At the Lincoln Memorial

At the White House

At the Capital Building

We spent most of the day browsing the American History museum and riding around, since we live here now we can take our time with each place.

Wonderful day!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New House Pics

I just realized that I never posted any pictures of our new house. I need to take new pictures of the inside now that things are starting to get in their proper places but I can still use the old pictures of the outside since that's the same(just greener now that it's spring/almost summer lol).

Front of the house


Back of the house

Side (landlords truck not ours)

It's such a cute little place, we love it. Just 1 bedroom 1 bath and for just the two of us it's really all we need. Of course our attic is filled with stuff since we always had a second bedroom to display stuff/for books but it's not that big of a deal storing it. Oh and I know you see a chimney but there's no fireplace, previous owner must have taken it out or something.

I'll try to remember to take new inside pictures but since these pics took a few months to get posted don't count on the inside pics anytime soon lol.

*Edit: Not sure why the font color changed like that...... will try to figure it out later

Monday, May 23, 2011

Bye Bye Crabby Crabs!

I got a new fitness book the other day (one that I've been wanting to buy for a year or so now but decided to put off buying to make sure I really wanted it, I did).

In the section I'm reading it talks about surrounding yourself with people who will support you in your quest/transformation and lose the "crabs" who keep trying to pull you back down (when crabs are in a bucket they will reach up and pull back any of the other crabs that try to get out of the bucket, instead of following them to freedom).
When it comes to my getting back in shape/losing weight I don't really have any "crabs" (however when it comes to my hike I have tons of crabs, it's interesting what some people will and will not support).
But something hit me that I've never realized, in the past I was the crab to my husband. I'd be the one to tell him: it's okay to skip one workout. I honestly never noticed that I was trying to pull him back.

So to my husband: I'm sorry. I promise to try my best to never pull you back into the bucket again, and I'm grateful that you not only climb out but you always extend a "claw" back down to me to help me get out too.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Vacation over, time to get down to business

I just got back from a quick visit to see my parents in Florida. It was wonderful but way too short! Thankfully I live so much closer so it's not that difficult to go see them from time to time.

Now that I'm back home Im working on finding a job and getting back into my exercise routine. Charlie & I are starting a strict paleo challenge on June 1st so I'm enjoying all the bad stuff I can now lol.

Some of you might be thinking it's just another diet but it's really not because we plan on incorporating this into our life's from now on. After the initial 30-60 days strict we're going to introduce some things back into our diets(like milk for me) but otherwise this challenge will help to get all the junk out of our systems. Of course there are special occasions every now & then, to say I won't eat something forever is a flat out lie, but 90-95% of the time we won't be eating the junk anymore.

Excited about the new things coming my way =)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Who I Am 2

The rhino aspires to be the dazzling pristine unicorn, the kitten dreams of being the magnificent kingly lion, and the duckling hopes that one day he'll be like the beautiful elegant swan. Each dreams of a day that they'll be as perfect on the outside as they feel inside.

I too dream of the day when I can look in the mirror and see that amazing women that I know is inside of me. To look beautiful on the outside as well as inside.

I look in the mirror and wonder..... who will be the girl staring back at me?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day + New Hobby!!

Spent Mother's Day with my mom, it was wonderful spending all day with her.

I was also blessed because today she taught me a hobby that was passed down from her mother, who learned it from her mother, and so on & so forth.

Today she taught me how to make rag rugs.

I thought it was a very fitting day for it since this is a day all about mothers and this is something that brings me closer to the females in our family bloodline.

This is what mine looks like so far. Had to take it apart once to fix something but now it's coming along pretty well.

This is what it will (should lol) look like at the end, this is one my Grandma made me.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Who I Am

A friend of mine has a blog and she recently decided to write about how she really feels, the no holds bar ugly truth. And reading her blogs really inspire me because for one having the guts to be so open and raw is an amazing trait, but also because I'm seeing a different side of her that I never knew was there and it's nice to get to know the real her.

How many of us out there hide who we truly are, what we really feel. I know for myself not a single person really knows the real me, really knows what I think or how I feel. Not even my husband who in my eyes holds the moon, the sun, & the stars, or my mother who is one of my closest confidants. I have this mask so well weaved that even times I don't even know the real me.

This past year or so I've been struggling with an identity crises and realized that I really don't know who I am anymore. I try to do my best to please everyone else, do what's expected of me and in the process I've pushed myself farther and farther away from who I really am. That's one of the reasons I struggle so much with trying to figure out a major so I can go back to school and finish my B.A., I know what everyone else wants of me but I have no clue what I want anymore. And shouldn't I care about what I want, shouldn't that be a top priority? It's my life after all, I'm the one going to be doing whatever I decide for the rest of it, shouldn't I have some kind of say in what that is. But I'm so disconnected with myself that I don't even know what my heart's desire is anymore, I have no clue what would make me happiest.

I was listening to my music today while doing the dishes and the song "Numb" by Linkin Park came on and it totally spoke to me because I understand; I feel numb to who I am, who I was, who I'm meant to be. How am I supposed to grow as a person, to share with others my being when I don't even share it with myself, I don't even know it myself.

I think that's why I'm so gung-ho about hiking the Appalachian Trail, because for once it'll be all about me. I don't have to please anyone else, hit the expectations of anyone else, it's just me and the trail. I know that kind of sounds like running away from my problems, and I'm sure some people see it that way. But for me it's running towards my problems, facing them head on. Finding out who I am and what I want out of life. No one can help with that but me, and I'm lost. I need to find myself again before I think I'll ever truly be happy. Of course the trail is still many years off, got to save the money first, but just the process of planning it has already ignited a spark in me that I thought I had lost long ago.

So while I don't think I have the guts to do like my friend and bare my heart & soul to the world, I think I'll work more on removing this mask that I've had on for so long. I think it's going to be a difficult process, it's who I am now, it's just not who I was meant to be. And maybe in the process I'll discover myself again, and that spark will come back full flame.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Boxes & Boxes & Boxes... Oh My!!

I just recently found my computer again in this mess of a house, unpacking makes you lose everything! lol

So far I like Virginia, still a little cold for my liking(we even had snow one morning, not cool!), but it's beginning to grow on me. The house we rent is this cute little one bedroom one bath right outside the base, which is nice cause we have access to all the base amenities but not all the stupid rules you have to deal with when you live on the base.

The only real bad thing with having just one bedroom is we have a lot of crap, so we're in the process of going through it all: deciding what to keep out/display, what to store in the attic, and what to get rid of/donate. Makes the unpacking process longer but in the long run it's worth it.

We enrolled Lucy in some doggy training at Petsmart and she's doing pretty good so far. Hopefully we'll be able to break her of her bad habits soon and get her interacting with more people/other animals.

I have pictures of the house on my camera but I haven't found my camera cord yet so I can't show anything right now. Tomorrow I'm going to try to get rid of some of the junk still laying around and maybe get things more organized/findable(is that even a real word? lol). Hopefully by the weekend I'll be able to post some kind of picture up.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Weight Goals -VS- Exercise Goals

One reason I think I keep having set backs in this whole exercise/get in shape/lose weight thing is I'm setting the wrong goals for my achievements. Let me try to explain

Whenever I set a goal for myself it normally always has something to do with weight, examples: lose X amount of pounds in two weeks, be at X weight by this date, etc etc etc. So then I exercise and make huge achievements there, feel the best I've ever felt, do things I've never done.... but when I step on the scale and I haven't made my weight goal for whatever reason(ex: gaining muscle weight & not losing enough fat weight to balance it out) I get frustrated and feel like just a failure, which discourages me and makes me want to give up.

So I've decided I need to relook at how I create goals, instead of weight goals I should start setting exercise goals. Because when I achieve those I know it'll make me feel great and push me to continue, and with them the pounds will start coming off on their own. I asked Charlie to help me here by helping me keep track of my weight, I want to keep track of my progress but I don't want to have it be such a heavy burden on my mind like it is. So Charlie is going to help me weigh in weekly(or whatever we come up with) and he'll keep track of the weight in his records somewhere and I won't know what it is(I don't know if we'll blindfold me when I get on the scale, make me look away so I can't see the numbers... IDK we'll figure it out when I get there). That way I can focus on my real goals of getting back in shape and being more active instead of having this tunnel vision that only sees the pounds.

Once I get to Virginia and see how things are going to be I'll be able to set these new exercise goals. I'm excited about this new take on goals that I'll be doing, I think in the end this could be the solution to some of my bigger problems.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Opting Out At The Airport

When I first heard about the new scanners in airports I knew right away I would never do it unless I was forced to. It's not that I cared about the nude xray images that would be produced (though I really don't like that), it was more that they couldn't prove that the radiation levels emitted from the scanners were safe and I want no part of that.

Of course the other option is opting out of the scanner and enduring a pat down. This involves a security person rubbing their hands over your body, including your private areas. The horror stories you hear about the pat downs is enough to make anyone squirm. From asking to opt out of the scanner and the security people hollering "opt out" over & over like you were some kind of criminal, to people with medical conditions like catheters being roughly pated causing the urine to leak out all over them. Still even with the stories I want nothing to do with the machines and will take the risk.

When we first moved from Hawaii I warned my husband of this and that it might take longer for me to go through security(he didn't care either way). We had to go through security twice, once when in Hawaii and once when leaving Atlanta. Both times they had the regular metal detectors and the scanners open, & each time I got in line for the regular detectors. I got lucky each time and didn't get selected for the scanners(though Charlie did once).

But I knew I wasn't out of the woods yet, I was still traveling with my mother to California to see my sister return home from Afghanistan. I warned her about the possible delay too and she just told me to do the scanner, I told her I would not. In Tampa all they had open were the scanners so I put my carry ons on the belt and waited for my turn. With a pounding heart it came to be my turn and I told the women I would be opting out... I waited for the worst.

It never really came

She kinda seemed annoyed but she quietly spoke into her earpiece that they had an opt out and told me to stand to the side. Another women walked up to me after a bit and opened the gate to the other side of security. She asked if I would like to go to a private room or was it fine right where we were, I was fine doing it in public(if nothing else it let others see what was happening, witnesses if you will). She explained step by step what she was going to do then asked me if I understood, I said yes. She was very professional throughout the whole thing and didn't stay near my private parts for longer than needed. After she was done she tested her gloves for any traces of explosives and let me on my way. The whole experience itself wasn't that bad at all.

When we left San Diego we had to go through security again and they also only had the scanners open. I again opted out and choose the public option over the private room. While the Tampa lady was a lot nicer(the lady in San Diego seemed annoyed that she actually had to do her job, go figure) she was just as professional & I never once felt uncomfortable or mistreated.

I can only hope that from my experience people won't be as afraid of the pat down process and won't endure the scanners just cause of fear. Sure there are bad experiences/stories but there are normal experiences out there too. Next time I fly I'll opt out again, only risking the scanners if I'm being forced against my will.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


I Will Show Them.....

You & You & You. Oh & You & You. Let's Not Forget You & You Too.....

I Will Show Them All, Oh Yes I Will Show Them All.....

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Many Moons Have Passed

I can't believe it's been so long since I last wrote, but then again I can if I think back to how fast February went lol. With getting our stuff & cars shipped, the animals sent to Florida and then turning over the house & finally our own move from Hawaii it's been kinda hectic, all go go go! Then we spent a week trying to see all of Charlie's family since he had to leave to check in, I'm ready for a break lol.

I'm currently in Florida staying at my parents house with the kids. Charlie is in Virginia, he just checked in yesterday. I'll be staying here until Charlie can find us a place that will allow the kids, then once that's all settled I'll drive up there with them.

The most exciting news I have is next week my mom & I are going to California to see my sister return home from Afghanistan!! Im so excited to see her and so excited she'll be home safe again! My dad doesn't fly so he's staying back here to watch all the animals(which I appreciate more than anything cause it saved Charlie & I the hassle of finding a place for them).

Still trying to adjust to this cooler weather, it's not too bad but at times makes me miss Hawaii lol. I'm in the process of trying to set myself some new goals to work on, so once I figure those all out I'll be sure to post them. I can't say when I'm going to blog again with my "vacation" next week and all but after that is all done I'll try to post more regularly.

That's really all I have new to say, till next time!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Kicked Is My Ass

Today I started to follow Charlie's new workout plan for me which involves working out twice a day on the days that I run. My workout "week" consists of 8 days and they work like this: day 1 cardio, day 2 strength, day 3 cardio, day 4 rest, day 5 strength, day 6 cardio, day 7 strength, day 8 rest; and then repeat. I've been following that plan for about a month now, actually a bit over a month, ever since Charlie came home from Afghanistan.

Anyway, on my cardio days I run. I'm redoing the couch to 5k program(c25k) because I stopped running a few months ago and I figured it wouldn't hurt to just start all the way over from the beginning. I also work on my pullups on my run days, trying to do 3 sets of 10 on a new resistance level(I can't do a real pullup yet but the gravitron machine helps me by holding most of my weight so I can do pullups).

Today Charlie and I did a workout that involved 3 rounds for time of deadlifts and doubleunder(DU) jump-roping, but I can't do DUs yet so mine were DU attempts(which basically means a lot of singleunders lol). Then later in the evening I did my week 4 day 1 c25k and it kicked my butt, but I did it. Followed by 3 sets of 10 at 120, which I was able to do them all.

As I get ready to head to bed I can firmly say that my ass has been kicked today lol. But it's a good kind of kicking, gets me one step closer to my goal: thin & in shape. Tomorrow is a strength day and I also may take Lucy for a long walk, but we'll see how I feel lol. Now I'm off to my comfy bed.

Oh and since I know my mom will be reading this: Hi Mom!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hike To The Lighthouse

Saturday a few friends and I decided to hike out to Makapu'u lighthouse, I was really excited to go because even though I've lived here for over 3 years now I still haven't done a lot of the touristy stuff(and I don't have much time left to do it before we move).

The hike was a really good hike, it's a paved trail leading to the lighthouse(but you can't actually get into the lighthouse, it's blocked off). Took us about 1 hour 40 mins to walk from the car and back, covered about 3.38 miles. One of the best parts of the trip was we got to see whales!! It's that time of the year where they migrate and pass the islands, and we got to see quite a few pods. Unfortunately I could never get my camera ready in time to get the best shots, but I have a few I'll share below.

After I got home Charlie wanted to go to the gym to work on some strength training, we did some bench pressing and then a workout that involved 6 rounds of running 100 meters, 12 kettlebell sumo deadlift highpulls, and then 18 medicine ball trunk twists for time. So by the end of the night I was beat and ready for bed as I'm sure you can imagine lol. Today is thankfully my rest day and I am going to enjoy every second of it =)

Here's some pictures from our hike:
This is a picture from the parking area, the lighthouse is on the other side
You can see a whale water spout to the right
This is the end of what was a whale jumping out of the water, it was really cool
A few pictures of the lighthouse(plus Sarah & I trying to take a picture of us with the lighthouse)
The view
The Girls(left to right): Talitha, Sarah, Jenna, me

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Countdown Begins

It's crazy that in less than a month we'll be leaving Hawaii. I remembered when I first moved out here I hated it, and now it's so sad to leave. But I'm ready for a new adventure and Virginia is going to be one heck of an adventure.

I'm not really looking forward to the cold/snow(guess I've been spoiled with the year-round warm weather we get here). But then again I'm a tropics girl: born & raised in Florida and then moved to Hawaii, so I really don't know anything else. I'm nervous about learning to drive in the snow/ice and just the winter process in general.

But I must say I'm really excited about seeing the seasons change, actually getting to see the fall leaves and a fresh winter snow. I've only ever seen snow once and that was just a few years ago when we went on a trip to Seattle to see my sister, I know that now we'll be living in it for awhile lol.

I'm really interested to see how our babies handle the cold weather, we bought them both here in Hawaii so they've never experienced anything cold. I can only imagine how Lucy is going to react the first time she walks in the snow, I'm going to try to have my camera ready to tape it lol. And I wouldn't be surprised if Courage just spends the winter curled in a blanket somewhere.

Hopefully it won't take too long to get a house and we can get everything settled in, really don't want to have to live in a motel for awhile. We're trying to get base housing again because 1) it's just easier, and 2) from the people we talked to who used to live there they said living in town wasn't the safest of places. But if the housing wait list is too long we may have to find something else, so I'm crossing my fingers it won't be. It sucks that we can't get on the housing list till we detach out of here, I mean don't get me wrong I totally understand why that is, but it still would be nice to get on the list sooner. Oh well

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I guess all new blogs should start out with some kind of introduction so here's mine:

My name is Samantha but I mostly go by Sam or Sammie, in fact I can't even tell you the last time someone called me by my full first name....... crazy!

I'm 23(24 in just a few weeks!) and married to the love of my life. We've been together almost 8 years now, married for almost 4 years. He's in the Marine Corps and we're currently stationed in Hawaii(but not for much longer since we move to a new duty station in a month). We've been through 3 deployments (2 Iraq, 1 Afghanistan) but we're finally going to get a much needed break when he reports to his new assignment which is non-deployable(woohoo!!).

We have two "children," or I should say fur-babies. Courage is our lazy kitty who thinks he rules the house(which I guess he kinda does lol), and my baby girl Lucy who is the sweetest puppy there is. We don't have any plans to add any human babies into the mix, we're perfectly fine being just us two.

I have one older sister who is in the Navy, she's currently deployed to Afghanistan and I pray everyday for her safe return. I have the best parents in the world hands down, and I'm so blessed that we have such an amazing relationship. My dad was in the Navy during Vietnam, my two grandfathers served in World War Two(Navy & Army), and my great-grandfather was a pilot during World War One. As you can see I come from a proud military family and support our troops 110%.

I have my Associates of Arts degree in education but I'm not sure I'm going to continue that path with my Bachelors. I'm not really sure what I want to do with my life to be honest, I'll figure it out one day when I grow up lol.

I used to be thin but not in shape, and now I'm fat but feel like I'm in some of the best shape of my life. I'm doing stuff now that I never dreamed I'd be able to do, like run and do crossfit. I'm working on trying to lose this weight again and hope that maybe one day I can be something I've never been: thin and in shape.

My goal for this blog is to get back to doing what I used to love to do, writing. I had a blog on two different sites for years but then stopped about six months ago because I felt overwhelmed. But now I feel ready to start again and I wanted to start fresh & new, hence the new blog. I don't know if I'll write everyday, once a week, or even once a month, I just like to write when I get that wild hair.

Well that's about all I can think of for now, I am who I am: one of a kind. Any questions feel free to ask =)